Media: Coverage

KQED Quest 20 November 2014
KQED Quest: The Darfur Stoves Project
Stanford Social Innovation Review 22 October 2014
SSIR: Stoves of Empowerment: How A Household Item is Saving Lives
TEDxYouth@SummitPrep 6 October 2014
TEDx: Killer in the Kitchen
The Daily Californian 5 March 2014
The Daily Californian: UC Berkeley professor inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame
PBS Newshour 26 February 2014
PBS Newshour: 5 cookstoves used around the world
The Ground_Up Project 13 February 2014
The Ground_Up Project: Clean Cookstoves in Darfur
Oakland Local 27 December 2013
Oakland Local: Debra Stein’s Potential Energy stoves innovates cooking, health solution for Africa
The Daily Beast 10 December 2013
The Daily Beast: Cookstoves Are The Solution
Oakland North 8 December 2013
Oakland North: New Oakland-made stoves help improve quality of life in Darfur
Mercury News 14 November 2013
Mercury News: Tech Awards honor innovators seeking to change the world
VentureBeat 5 November 2013
VentureBeat: Screw Snapchat: Here’s tech that’s actually making a difference in the world
The Virginia Quarterly Review Fall 2013
The Virginia Quarterly Review: Three-Stone Fire: Designing Better Stoves for Africa 2 May 2013 Five Innovative Technologies that Bring Energy to the Developing World
Solutions March 2013
Solutions: Stove Solutions: Improving Health, Safety, and the Environment in Darfur with Fuel-Efficient Cookstoves
Public Radio International 9 May 2012
Public Radio International: Inventor works to save lives in the developing world
Mass High Tech 2 May 2012
Mass High Tech: Berkeley professor wins Lemelson-MIT Award
MarketWatch 18 April 2012
MarketWatch: Santa Clara University Announces 10th Annual Class of Social Entrepreneurs for the Global Social Benefit Incubator Training and Mentoring Program
3-On Your Side 16 January 2012
3-On Your Side: Inexpensive Inventions Helping Worldwide
Grist 9 January 2012
Grist: Heart to hearth: Darfur Stoves Project’s Andree Sosler makes survival sustainable
Mercury News 3 January 2012
Mercury News: East Bay scientist reduces violence against Darfuri women through better cooking technology
CBS Boston 23 December 2011
CBS Boston: Simple Inventions Help To Change The World
ABC Houston 19 December 2011
ABC Houston: New trend aims to quell poverty worldwide
MYOO 22 September 2011
MYOO: Andrée Sosler: A winning recipe in Darfur
Mitzvah Project 6 September 2011
Mitzvah Project: The Mitzvah Project Book
Ode 23 August 2011
Ode: Energy for all
Forbes 15 August 2011
Forbes: How A Market-Based Approach Can Solve A Humanitarian Problem In Darfur
Hope140 Blog 14 August 2011
Hope140 Blog: Igniting Change in Darfur
Wharton 26 July 2011
Wharton: Just a stove? Hardly.
Rolling Stone May 2011
Italian Rolling Stone: Il Darfur salvato da un fornelletto
Popular Mechanics 8 February 2011
Popular Mechanics: Low-Tech Stove Saves Lives in Sudan’s Darfur Region
KALW News 27 January 2011
KALW News: A Berkeley non-profit cooks up a solution to violence in Darfur
ABC San Francisco 31 December 2010
ABC San Francisco: ABC News launches ‘Be the Change: Save a Life’
Scientific American 12 July 2010
Scientific American: Can Climate Change Clean Up Indoor Air?
Triple Pundit 21 May 2010
Triple Pundit: The Darfur Stoves Project: A Market Solution to Poverty
Khabar December 2009
Khabar: Profile of Ashok Gadgil and the Darfur Stoves Project
Give a Little 30 November 2009
Wendy Smith: Give a Little
The Star 15 December 2008
The Star: Small stove keeps home fires burning
The Economist 4 December 2008
The Economist: Fresher cookers
KQED Quest 20 May 2008
KQED Quest: Darfur Stoves Project
Popular Mechanics 1 October 2007
Popular Mechanics: Efficient Cookstove Saves Refugee Lives in Sudan’s Darfur Region
ABC 7 10 September 2007
ABC 7: Helping Darfur refugees, one stove at a time
Reuters 8 August 2007
Reuters: Berkeley scientists work scrap metal for Darfur
Newsweek 15 July 2007
Newsweek: The Flames of Hope
O Magazine June 2007
O Magazine: Fueling Hope: How Can I Help Save Darfur?