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Our Solution: Our Approach

At Potential Energy, we believe that the women we serve must be treated as customers, not passive recipients of charity. We consult with users to ensure that technologies are adapted to their lifestyles, environment and traditions. Just as a Silicon Valley engineer would test his/her product with the market, so must we.

We partner with the world’s brightest scientists and engineers and the best local NGOs and businesses, in order to adapt and scale technologies that greatly improve life.

We are the link needed between world-class research institutions and on-the-ground organizations to bring today's best technology to the field.

We provide the missing link between R&D and the local market: we develop a business model, train local actors, build the supply chain; essentially, we provide the injection of human and financial capital needed to overcome the market failures that prevent life-saving technology from reaching people who need it most. In each place we work, we build the capacity of local organizations so that one day we can exit and they can continue to run a thriving business.

We believe there is a wealth of untapped potential in the world: scientists who want to help, poor people who could use technology to live healthier, more productive lives. We’re here to unleash this potential.