Sudan (Darfur)

Since 2009, we’ve built and scaled the distribution of the Berkeley-Darfur Stove, an affordable, high-efficiency wood-burning stove that reduces fuel use by 50% and saves women time and money. The look and feel of the BDS was designed with the input of local Darfuri women to ensure maximum usage. We are now on version 14 of the stove, with the vast majority of guidance for design iterations coming from our customers themselves.

We employ two operating models to deliver stoves – sales and free distribution. For our sales operations, we work through a network of local women’s organizations to sell the stoves on flexible installment plans. Our retail network provides earned income for over 35 people through our sales, distribution and assembly channels. Our free distribution work leverages local organizations to donate stoves to vulnerable populations who do not have regular forms of income.  The stove is manufactured as a “flat-kit” in India, is shipped to the Port of Sudan, and is assembled locally in a shop in El Fashir.  Click here to see the assembly shop workers in action.