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Our Solution: About the Stoves

Clean Cookstoves

Designed to optimize fuel-efficiency and reduce toxic emissions when cooking meals, a clean cookstove is one intervention that addresses almost all of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals: ending poverty and hunger; gender equity; child health; maternal health; and environmental sustainability. For half the world’s population, a clean cookstove means one less day of struggling to find enough wood to survive. It means increased safety, better health, less harm to the environment, a higher income, more time and increased employment. To learn more about the cookstove sector, please visit the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Beyond Stoves

In the long‐term Potential Energy will support a portfolio of clean technologies for the world’s poorest people using the same user-centered design and novel partnership approach that we’ve applied to our cookstove projects. We started with fuel-efficient cookstoves in Darfur. This is one spark. With your help, we can ignite Potential Energy across the globe.